On Thursday evening, my 2007 Camry V6 2GRE-FE …

April 18, 2021 at 5:34 pm
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Location: Everett WA Dates: October 14, 2011 Sales Person: Christine Larson

Dealership Review by 2GRE-FE.

On Thursday evening, my 2007 Camry V6 2GRE-FE had a massive leak originating from my VVTi hose. I had a strong scent of burnt oil coming from my vents as started my car and was driving away from the parking garage. I stop the car and get out to my surprise and shock, a drip trail leading back to the swimming pool that was once my motor oil.

So, I go through hell to get oil and try to make it back home with some divine intervention, and without locking up my engine thereby killing it. My Camry is my only mode of transport, without it and life would be… difficult; and to say the least money is already tight. The very next day, I called around to local Toyota service depts. explaining my misfortune, and they don’t want to even see less touch my Camry on their dime, passed warranty S.O.L. they say, TSB and recall work already done during prior oil services and not Toyota’s or their problem.

I was advised to call Magic Toyota because they were the service department who replaced and repaired all of my warranty work, that maybe they would do something for me. My day was going bad by this point. But Magic Toyota Service took care of me. I must say to everyone that as soon as I met my Service Manager, Christine Larson of Orange Team, she was understanding of my situation, listened to all of my concerns and took it upon her warm generosity to take care of me and repair my car at no cost on her account. She went back and forth, investigating the details on my car, talking to the techs, researching the parts involved, and in the end took it upon herself to take care of the customer and cover everything. Most of us already know that this level of character is urban legend. But if you have met Ms. Christine Larson and are under her professional Service Team, you already know this as fact.

I was in and out with two signatures, a smile and that my car was already started and ready for me to go, and all of this with no appointment on a Friday in under two hours, and no money out of pocket. It is because of good people like Ms. Christine Larson who puts the customer first that keeps Toyota owners loyal to the brand and especially to the dealer. Thank you Christine Larson for everything, Magic Toyota is lucky to have you and I am grateful to you, as with everyone else whom you assist with a smile.

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On Thursday evening, my 2007 Camry V6 2GRE-FE …0Location: Everett WADates: October 14, 2011Sales Person: Christine Larson